Audi A3 Wheels

Audi A3 Standard Wheel Dimensions
Production:1996 - present
Includes Models:S3, RS3
Standard Offset:
Centre Bore:57.10
Standard Wheel Sizes:
Standard Tyre Sizes:
Standard Wheel Weights:
Lug Type:bolts B14x1.5x28
The Audi A3 shares wheels with corresponding VW Golf wheels from similar model years, aswell as other equivalent cars from the Volkswagen Audi Group, such as the Seat Leon.  Polpular upgrades from Audi's wheel range include the Audi S-Line alloy wheels.
Model variations for Audi A3 wheel dimensions
ModelOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreLug TypeNotes
A3 First Generation 8L (1996-2003)ET35-ET455x10057.1mmbolts B14x1.5x28The first Generation Audi A3 8L has wheels that are interchangeable with the Mk4 Golf.
A3 Second Generation 8P (2003-2012)ET45-ET505x11257.1mmbolts B14x1.5x28Second Generation 8P A3 wheels swap over with VW Golf Mk5 wheels.
A3 Third Generation 8V (2012-on)ET45-ET505x11257.1mmbolts B14x1.5x28
Standard Wheels originally fitted to an A3
WheelNotesDiameterWidthOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreWheel WeightStandard Tyre Size
A3 First Generation 8L original OEM wheels:
Five SpokeAudi A3 15" Five Spoke Wheels15"6"ET385x10057.1mm
PepperpotAudi A3 15" Pepperpot Wheels15"6"ET385x10057.1mm
Six SpokeAudi A3 15" Six Spoke Wheels15"6"ET385x10057.1mm

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