Peugeot 206 Wheels

Peugeot 206 Standard Wheel Dimensions
Production:1998 - 2010
Standard Offset:ET25-28
Standard PCD:4x108
Centre Bore:65.1
Standard Wheel Sizes:
Standard Tyre Sizes:
Standard Wheel Weights:
Lug Type:

The Peugeot 206 has always been on a 4x108 stud pattern (108mm PCD with four bolts for each wheel).  The Pug 206's preffered offset of 25mm is relatively low.  This makes the 206 compatible with many other 4x108 PCD cars, including the Mk1 Ford Focus, and plenty from Peugeot themselves - the 205, 306, 309, 405, 406 and the four stud 106s.

Model variations for Peugeot 206 wheel dimensions
ModelOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreLug TypeNotes
206 CC (2000-2010)ET25-ET284x10865.1mm
206 GTiET25-ET284x10865.1mm
206 Hatchback (1998-2010)ET25-ET284x10865.1mm
Standard Wheels originally fitted to a 206
WheelNotesDiameterWidthOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreWheel WeightStandard Tyre Size
206 Hatchback original OEM wheels:
Boheme 14"soft styled five hole alloys14"5.5"ET254x10865.1mm175/65 R14
Boreal 14"seven double spoke alloy wheels14"5.5"ET254x10865.1mm175/65 R14
Eveanys 14stylish five spoke design14"5.5"ET254x10865.1mm175/65 R14
Ouragan 14"nine spoke alloy wheels14"5.5"ET254x10865.1mm175/65 R14
Salsa 14"six spoke soft styled alloy wheels14"5.5"ET254x10865.1mm175/65 R14
Tornade 14"executive five spke alloy wheels14"5.5"ET254x10865.1mm175/65 R14
Cotya 15"five double spoke15"6"ET254x10865.1mm185/55 R15
Foudre 15"five spoke soft styled alloys15"6"ET254x10865.1mm185/55 R15
Ouragan 15"nine spoke alloy wheels15"6"ET254x10865.1mm185/55 R15
Sirocco 15"dynamic five spoke alloy wheels15"6"ET254x10865.1mm185/55 R15
Cotya 16"five double spoke16"6.5"ET254x10865.1mm10.1kg195/45 R16
Driving 16"lightweight looking multispoke allows16"6.5"ET254x10865.1mm10.1kg195/45 R16
Ouragan 16"nine spoke alloy wheels16"6.5"ET254x10865.1mm10.1kg195/45 R16
Ouragan Chrome 16"nine spoke polished alloy wheels16"6.5"ET254x10865.1mm10.1kg195/45 R16
Atlantis 17"five spoke alloy wheels17"7"ET254x10865.1mm
Atlantis Chrome Shadow 17"polished five spoke alloys17"7"ET254x10865.1mm

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